Who we are

At the moment, GGD’s portfolio includes 20 companies with a total of 2000 employees. These rapidly growing companies are located at 8 different locations in the Netherlands, and now serve over 800 clients. Roy Roosen and Luuk Jeuken are the entrepreneurs behind GGD Investments.

The GGD Investments identity

The identity of GGD Investments can be described as entrepreneurial and familiair where growing together, sharing knowlegde and opening up your netwerp to help others are central.

we find it important to create a close relationship and to encourage cooperation with fellow entrepeneurs. We believe in equel development. If you want to grow together, you have to strengthen each other. We also think it is important to give entrepeneurs the freedom to create their own business culture and identity. The succes of this group of companies is partly due to this family idea.

The logo

You can see who we are in our logo. The basis of our logo is made of a flying fish, which stands for the ultimate urge to freedom and a fingerprint, which stand for our personal approach and the familiar netwerk. In addition, the flying fish stands for curiosity and the courage to pursue dreams.

And the name GGD?

The name GGD,  which means Grote Gele Deur (Big Yellow Door), refers to the name of the student house where Luuk and Roy spent their study time. Their long term friendship and business cooperation dates all the way back to the first years of high school.