The GGD Investments team consists of five enthusiastic and entrepreneurial people who help both GGD and all other participations to grow. One by one they have an ambition to improve companies and to help them to achieve their business goals.

Roy Roosen – Director

Roy Roosen, together with Luuk Jeuken co-founder of investment fund GGD Investments.

“I want to let entrepreneurs and businesses grow”

Co-founder of GGD Investments. Combines optimism with diligence. Loves competition and is drawn to complex challenges.

I am  driven by things that work out. I do not like things to be too easy: without complexity, I get bored. I am an optimistic entrepreneur; everywhere I look I see opportunities. If I had a motto, it would be “Think, dare, do, and continue!”

I am  committed to growing with the entrepreneurs and companies GGD Investments collaborates with. It is  great to spend time with men and women who share the same vision and to aim for that strategic spot on the horizon together. To achieve true freedom, you have to give somebody the opportunity to stay in control. Seeing how someone grows, develops and breaks through their own glass ceiling is what enthuses me most.

Luuk Jeuken – Director

Luuk Jeuken, together with Roy Roosen co-founder of investment fund GGD Investments.

“I get energy from entrepreneurs who do things differently”

Co-founder of GGD Investments. Passionate about creating and building companies. Loves content-rich challenges. Quality always comes first.

I make things happen and I always want to get the most out of everything. I am  passionate about renewal, but never at the expense of quality. My values are reflected in the way I prefer to do business.  But it is not just about money and figures or selling businesses. Delivering quality in the long term – that is  what I am talking about. I see GGD Investments as a family business. A place where people can be themselves.

I love to connect…People…Initiatives…Ideas. Linking people and bringing them to the same vision creates innovation, growth and acceleration. I get a lot of energy from talented entrepreneurs and companies who just do things differently. People who come up with solutions that others have not thought about; who build a unique culture or dive into the market. To coach  entrepreneurs such as these and to watch them grow is great. To build real relationships and enjoy the journey together. I really like putting everything I have into these things.

Matthijs den Hertog – Group controller

Group controller at GGD investments. Is very willing to roll up his sleeves. Has a catchy enthusiasm and a fine mind.

“I was looking for the feeling to really contribute to something”

Group controller at GGD investments and its participations. Is very willing to roll up his sleeves. Has a catchy enthusiasm and a fine mind.

Even as a child I was already known as Disney’s Uncle Scrooge. I was fascinated by money and a real saver. After my study, the jobs were there for the taking. I opted for the best and the largest accountancy firm in the Netherlands: PwC. In the six years I have worked at PwC, I have learned a lot, and obtained my title as a chartered accountant. But I missed satisfaction.

When you visit a company in order to check the annual accounts, people are not really eager to see you coming. You work hard for a final goal that only looks at the past. Now, in my role as financial controller at GGD investments, that is totally different! I can now use my knowledge and experience to help businesses improve. To coach people, resolve difficult issues and really contribute to success! To me, personal appreciation is much more important nowadays than it used to be. In this respect, I might have moved a little further away from Uncle Scrooge!

Lisanne van de Heg – Investment Manager

Group controller at GGD Investments and its participations. Lisanne is ambitious, a straight forward person and a real go-getter. She is in her strength in a dynamic and hectic environment.

“The family culture of GGD greatly appeals to me”

Group controller at GGD Investments and its participations. Lisanne is ambitious, a straight forward person and a real go-getter. She is at her strongest strength in a dynamic and hectic environment. Loves to work with people and was the very first employee of GGD Investments. 

I had an immediate connection with Roy and Luuk. When I started working at GGD Investments there was nothing to the company but two men with a dream. Not even an office. So I just started at the beginning by setting up the administration. These days I support all GGD partners with finance, HRM and Legal & Tax. All new participations have a fully equipped back office from the start and once a new business is off the ground we remain very closely involved.

The best thing about this job? The freedom, flexibility and trust I receive every day, combined with the complexity and challenges we face. I get satisfaction from solving difficult situations quickly and efficiently. And the group of people I work with is just amazing. The family culture of GGD and the business group is very important to me. I used to work for a large accountancy office, so this job is a breath of fresh air. It is great to work with amazing companies every day.

Loek Schoeber – Working student

Supports the GGD Team wherever possible, from financial administration to organizing meetings and events

Liselotte Roosen – Working student

Working student at GGD Investments, supporting with the legal aspects of the business.